UNISERV Participation in the ICSC 92nd Session


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Over the past two weeks from 16 to 27 August, UNISERV attended the 92nd ICSC session, hosted in “hybrid” mode by WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland.

The physical face to face session was attended on behalf of UNISER by Mr. Mark Polane, President UNFSU, Mr. Aitor Arauz-Chapman, President UNSU and as advisor former President UNSU, Ms. Patricia Nemeth.

In virtual attendance were Ms. Vesna Markovic Dasovic, President of the Staff Council, as well as Ms. Fikerte Aseffa from the Staff Council.

The session dealt with several important issues such as the comprehensive review of the compensation package of the United Nations common system, including Salary Scales, Dependency Allowances and Education Grant, Field Package, relocation and separation payments, Hardship Classification Methodology, review of the definition for “H” category duty stations, Mobility Incentive review, Education Grant review of sliding scale and level of boarding lump-sum.

Additionally, issues such as Geographical distribution, age distributions and gender parity were discussed.

Conditions of service for the GS and other locally recruited categories were discussed, in particular the review of the salary survey methodologies report of the working group.

And, conditions of service in the field: the payment of amount in lieu of settling-in grant at category E duty stations not designated as non-family were addressed as well.

There was good collaboration and coordination between the three staff federations, FICSA, CCISUA and UNISERV during the session.

An initiative from the three federations in relation to the comprehensive review of compensation package was to carry out a survey amongst United Nations staff to gage their levels of satisfaction with the changes that were introduced in 2017, the survey is still ongoing as we intend to try and get more inputs from staff, the preliminary results of the survey can be accessed here, https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-D6JRWMCD9/

If you haven’t yet completed the survey, we ask that you take some time to do so, your feedback is important and will allow the federations to present a more nuanced and more accurate picture of the areas of concern in relation to the UN Compensation package.

To access the survey and provide your feedback please follow this link:


The UNISERV Team that was attending the session in person, delivered several statements and interventions on the various topics discussed, which will be reflected in the report of the ICSC to the UN General Assembly.

Please find attached a copy of the opening statement of UNISERV and the various interventions/statements delivered.

Kind Regards,

Mark Polane

UNFSU President, UNISERV Vice President

Click Here to see the UNISERV_ICSC_92nd_Report including the opening statement and interventions.