Ms. Lanla Kamara – Non-Renewal of Contract

The Staff Federation of UNISERV recently wrote to the Secretary-General to address the non-renewal of Ms. Lanla Kamara’s fixed-term contract.

Ms. Kamara’s contract was not renewed and allowed to expire on 31st August 2021 after twenty-one years of satisfactory service with the United Nations, even though the post with the office of the Ombudsman is still in place, due to an alleged conflict of interest. We insist that Ms. Kamara be reinstated under staff Rule 4.18, Reinstatement, in the absence of any valid reason for the non-renewal of her contract.

UNISERV holds an extremely strong view that Ms. Kamara and UNPAD’s work have led to vast improvements within the “One UN”

Please see the attached letter here.

UNISERV Letter to SG Lanla Kamara