Transformational change doesn’t necessarily happen from the top down, rather it can emergent from any part of the organization. I’d suggest that in order to facilitate transformation in our organization the focus should shift away from traditional hierarc…

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Orange happens to be my "national" colour as well. I'm glad to have it associated with this important cause. We must stop violence against women! #16Days

Violence against women & girls is a global emergency requiring urgent action at all levels, in all spaces & by all people.

On Wednesday's International Day to End Violence against Women I reiterate my appeal to end this shadow pandemic once & for all.


An important conversation that needs to be had about a terrible stain that continues to haunt aid organizations!
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A webinar by The New Humanitarian: Seeking justice for survivors of aid worker sex abuse. Register now.

It’s a headline we see and write all too often: “UN peacekeepers and aid workers accused of rape and sexual abuse of women and children.” In ...

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For the second time, we carried out a "CoronaVirus Barometer for Staff wellbeing" survey amongst our staff in the United Nations and United Nations Peacekeeping to check-in and find out how people are coping. Many report high levels of anxiety. Fueled by various aspects, the limited ...availability and poor quality of medical facilities in our Field Missions being one of them. #unfsu #stongertogether #wellbeingmatters #mentalhealthmatters

We are pleased to share the results of our second "Coronavirus Barometer for staff Wellbeing".

Some of the key points:

* Confidence is not very high in missions providing safety and protection against potential Covid-19 exposure.
* Staff report very high levels of anxiety.
* Staff who work remotely report Social Isolation, general anxiety about Covid, internet connectivity, communications with co-workers and job security as their biggest challenges.
* Staff working in the missions’ report worries about their families and loved ones, general anxiety about COVID, to high workloads, and lack of R&R as their biggest challenges.
* Confidence in the availability and standards of medical facilities in missions is not very high.
* A relatively small percentage of staff have availed themselves of the services the staff counsellors’ offices provide.

The UNFSU through UNISERV now has a seat on the board for the Mental Health Strategy implementation board with whom it shared the findings of this survey.

We look forward to contributing meaningfully towards proposals that help to improve the wellbeing, health and mental health or our members.
Access the results on our website:

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Staff Wellbeing Survey | UNFSU – United Nations Field Staff Union

United Nations Field Staff Union

Time trackers, checklists, neutral spaces, fridge many of these tips on a healthy homeworking routine are you following?

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Interesting results and useful insights from our survey on "Trust" amongst our constituents. Clearly work to do in relation to Accountability and Recruitment, creating a more accountable and transparent organization. United Nations, United Nations Peaceke…

We are pleased to share a presentation of the results of the survey we carried out amongst our field staff in United Nations,
United Nations Peacekeeping and other United Nations field operations dealing with the issue of Trust.

The survey asked questions which aimed to measure trust ...related to a few different dimensions, i.e. trust between staff (peers) trust between staff and their immediate supervisors, trust in senior management.

The survey also aimed to determine trust in the "organization" or "institution".

While we often may feel that trust is poor the results appear to indicate that overall it isn't as bad as some might believe. There are clear indications however that there are issues surrounding trust in recruitment practices, in accountability as well as a difference in trust levels between staff and direct supervisors and senior management.

It is noteworthy that while the responses to the questions seem to indicate that levels of trust are not at all that bad, many of the comments received in the open-ended question offer some different perspectives.

The presentation can be found on our website:
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Survey on Trust Results | UNFSU – United Nations Field Staff Union

United Nations Field Staff Union

For those of you that missed the "Reimagine the United Nations together" grand finale, "Dragon's Den", where the finalists of the initiative made their "pitches" to the "Dragons" a replay of the event is available on Youtube.


For those of you that missed the "Reimagine the UN together" grand finale, "Dragon's Den", where the finalists of the initiative made their "pitches" to the "Dragons" a replay of the event is available on Youtube.

...Our own UNFSU Vice President, Ms Leila Manly-Spain was one of the moderators of this event, which has been a great success.

Thanks to all who participated and those that have worked very hard to make this all possible.

Do you want to have a positive impact on mental health issues for our staff who work in some of the most difficult and harsh conditions and environments? #mentalhealth #peacekeeping #jobannouncement

WARNING: Areas in Burkina Faso, northeastern Nigeria, South Sudan & Yemen are inching closer towards famine.

Either we act NOW and pull them back from the brink, or the world stands by while we bear witness to a devastating loss of life.

Today, @WFP and @FAO sound the alarm.

Thank you to our panelist for these amazing 💡 insights from our 29th October Panel on Ensuring Access for All – a conversation with UN Globe, Disability Inclusion Network, Domestic Abuse Taskforce, and YoungUN.


The finale of the #ReimagineTheUNTogether #Innovation Challenge is ONE week away! Show your support with #UNDragonsDen & share which team’s idea you want to see implemented using their hashtag:
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