This Valentine’s Day, our peacekeepers are sending messages to loved ones they haven't seen in months, or even years at a time. Helping to create sustainable peace, they operate in remote areas far from home, distance now compounded by the #COVID19 pandemic. #ValentinesDay

A short interview with "Eat My News", a pleasure to connect with Shubh Jani who facilitated this publication.

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“To preserve mission productivity, the UN must do more to avoid downsizing survivor syndrome in its peace operations. It should finalize its downsizing policy and link it to robust staff transition tools that reduce stress and convey organizational support to UN personnel. More effective mobility... planning would enable staff in downsizing operations to focus on their current jobs and prevent missions prematurely losing required personnel. Material support for employment transitions (e.g., small business start-up grants, partial funding for transitional positions) could supplement current job fairs and ad hoc efforts to lobby others to hire downsized personnel. More effective performance assessment is required both for transparent, competency-based downsizing and to enable career planning, which the UN should more fully support. Finally, the UN should address personnel stratification tensions in its missions before they are inflamed by downsizing processes.”

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“Downsizing Survivor Syndrome” in UN Peace Operations

To preserve mission productivity, the UN must do more to avoid downsizing survivor syndrome in its peace operations.

Our constituents have and continue to be exposed to many stressors in their work environment, the constant looming threat of losing ones job exacerbates things a lot! Affecting overall mental health and well-being. #mentalhealth #peacekeeping @UNPeacekeeping

“Downsizing Survivor Syndrome” in UN Peace Operations

By Katharina P. Coleman (@KPColeman).


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Written in May 2020.
Remembering 2020 yr particularly hard for its mental and physical strains. Its isolation, frustration and anger tensions.
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Some of you may already be familiar with the insight timer app and the Peace On Purpose group.

A new feature called "circles" is now available in the app, and so we have created a UNFSU Wellbeing Circle to bring people together and facilitate group ...meditations and more.

Please join the insight timer meditation and wellbeing application, UNFSU Circle ⭕️ by following this link. Anyone who has a "" email address can join the circle.

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UNFSU Staff Wellbeing Circle

Part of ongoing efforts and initiatives to enhance the wellbeing of our staff in Peacekeeping and other UN field operations.

There is an urgent need to take seriously the mental health challenges our staff in UN Field Operations face! This paper sheds light on the situation, let’s resolve to do better in 2021! #stongertogether #unfsu


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Mental Health in UN Peace Operations: Addressing Stress, Trauma, and PTSD among Field Personnel

Download PDF of this publication The challenging environments where many contemporary UN peace operations are...

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It is indeed an honour and a privilege to serve our staff in the United Nations Field Operations, such as United Nations Peacekeeping #stongertogether #unfsu #leadership

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